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    Messing with KGB Empty Messing with KGB

    Post by Phantom on Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:24 pm

    Of course, I'm talking about the text message service, KGB, that receives your questions via text and responds within minutes. I've always wondered how accurate their responses were.

    So the other day while battling on shoddy, my Lucario versus a Swampert, I had a damage question that I needed an accurate response to. Did I open up a damage calculator and fill in the blanks? No. I asked the KGB.

    Me: Can adamant LO lucario OHKO bulky swampert with close combat?
    KGB(6 minutes later): Lucario is a dual-type Fighting/Steel Pokimon. It evolves from Riolu via Happiness during the day in the final evolution stage. He can Bulky anyone.

    Hahaha, wow. At 99 cents a question, I decided to shell out another 99 cents to get another good laugh.

    Me: Wtf that doesn't answer my question.
    KGB(1 minute later): Apologies, it depends on its attacks, but based on base stats, a Swampert is better than a Lucario.

    "Base stats." Nice. His search fu isn't that bad. At this point, I try to draw out one more lulzy response.

    Me: Um no. Lucario is one of the best sweepers in the game. I'm never using this service again if it just gives lies and misinformation.

    .... No response.

    Oh well, 2 bucks for a good laugh.


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