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    Official Team Registration Empty Official Team Registration

    Post by Phantom on Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:10 pm

    You must register your team in order to participate in the Pokemon Arena Pokemon League. You are allowed six pokemon maximum, with a choice of up to three subsitutes. You must use the Pokemon (and items) you register within ALL Official League Battles in order for victory, if any, to be valid. The purpose of the subsitutes is to provide more type coverage within your team, allowing you to adjust for certain League Battles.

    Your Username
    Your 12-Digit Friend Code

    Pokemon Number 1 (with item)
    Pokemon Number 2 (with item)
    Pokemon Number 3 (with item)
    Pokemon Number 4 (with item)
    Pokemon Number 5 (with item)
    Pokemon Number 6 (with item)

    Pokemon Subsitute 1 (with item)
    Pokemon Subsitute 2 (with item)
    Pokemon Subsitute 3 (with item)



    Bulbasaur (leftovers)
    Ivysaur (black sludge)
    Vensaur (shell bell)
    Charmander (life orb)
    Charmeleon (sitrus berry)
    Charizard (lum berry)

    Squirtle (mystic water)
    Wartortle (none)
    Blastoise (light orb)

    On a related note, your "main" six Pokemon/Friend Code should be on a Pokemon Trainer Card. These not only look a bit cooler, but they also provide some organization ease. Try to not fill in any of the badges, because when you defeat a gym you may place their respective badge on that spot in the trainer card.

    Trainer cards can be made easily via PokeCharms or manually at Neopets Forums

    Make your team choice wisely, because you will be limited to these 9 Pokemon throughout your League experience!

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