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    Official League Ruleset Empty Official League Ruleset

    Post by Phantom on Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:19 pm

    Welcome to the Pokemon Arena's Pokemon League!

    In order to be able to participate in the PA-PL, you must first register your team. The registry form is located here; which includes the rules of registration.

    The following battle rules will be in effect, and are subject to change at any time if agreed upon by the League:

    Sleep Clause
    Freeze Clause
    Evasion Clause
    OHKO Clause

    "Hax" Item Clause **
    Ubers Clause (Elite 4 Members and the current League Champion are allowed access to one Uber-Tiered Pokemon. Our official Tiers ranking is that of Smogon's)
    Matches LVL 100 Single
    If you disconnect (on purpose) within the battle, you lose the match. If you do not think your connection will hold through within a match, first contact a League Official and inform them of the situation. If there is a disconnection and dispute among the victor of the match, the League Official will decide who is awarded Victory.

    ** Includes items increasing probability chances and items that are only obtainable via hacking.

    Additional rules:
    You may only challenge the Gym Leaders in Order, and must have proof of victory (Be it by a badge or consent of the Leader) in order to challenge the next Gym Leader.

    You may only re-challenge the same Gym Leader once per week.

    Gym Leaders have full authority to postpone a challenge due to Legitimate Reasons. If they are able to play at the moment, however, they are not allowed to postpone the challenge.

    League Officials may cancel or void any match that has been in violation or disagreement of the rules.

    The Elite Four must be defeated in succession. If you lose at any point to any Elite Four member, you must start over at the beginning.

    If you defeat the Elite Four and the reigning League Champion, You are declared the new League Champion and will receive the full authorities and access to the forum and the Champion's Room.

    (More To Come Later)

    If you are caught breaking the rules, First Time Offense will result in a warning. Any offenses afterwards will result in increasing punishment, ending with a Permanent IP Ban.

    Good luck, and have fun battling!

    -Regards, the Pokemon Arena Staff

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